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What is the Jackson Kayak Camp Instructional Tour (JK CIT)?

It’s all about getting out on the water. Camps and outdoor centers are really where lots of people start their kayaking experience, and Jackson Kayak wants to help out these camps while throwing out excitement and of cause, a stack of fun to paddling. It’s amazing how kids have such a huge learning curve, where a summer of paddling at a camp can include getting in a boat, learning to roll, and taking on some amazing rivers all in the same summer. We are passionate about helping kids get into paddling, after all we created a playboat, a creek boat and a river/play boat specifically for kids.

How are we doing this?

We are loading up the Jackson Kayak SUV and heading around to camps and centers in the South East this summer. Jez from Team Jackson Kayak, who has been involved in camps for nearly a decade will be heading it up, instructing and getting out there. Teaching everything from the basics to big water river running. The guys from Clear H20 Films have also got on board and Jez will be showing their latest feature, Hotel Charlie River of Doubt on a large outdoor movie screen. Colin Kemp from Team Jackson Kayak has already worked hard with camps to get them the boats they need and dropped in to the camps to say hi. Another great guy, Starr Teal, who has more camp experience than anyone out there has made it all come together.

So with all this help, we are bringing Jackson Kayak to the masses.

Camps are such a special place for kids, where they can be kids without fear of being themselves. Everyone can remember their camp days, in the sun making friends or on a sparkling river paddling with outstanding vistas. Camps really are an amazing place. For the latest on the tour check out the blog site

Anyway, if you see the Jackson SUV on the road, give us a yell. A big thanks to Brian Easler Toyota who have helped us with our new JK SUV, a Toyota FJ Cruiser. What a sweet ride. We will throw some pics of the ride when it’s outfitted.