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Jay Kincaid was able to jump in the new 2007 Super Star and be right
at home in it! How cool is that!

I finally got my 2007 Super Star last Thursday, the day before the Reno
River Festival. I quickly outfitted it, which like all Jackson Kayaks is
very easy, and headed straight down stream to the hole. The boat felt very
comfortable and before ever doing a single trick in the boat I was calling
out a 140 point practice ride. Well, anybody who knows me knows that I call
things out all the time, and sometimes I back it up, and sometimes I don’t.
So, my first ride ever in the 2007 Super Star was about a 126 point ride,
without bonuses. I may not have gone 140 points, but I promise you that my
ride did not suck.
The boat is obviously way faster and I could really feel that speed on the
shoulder of the hole. It loops bigger, but the timing is a bit different
then the old Super Star. I felt like the boat went vertical faster when
looping, so I quickly adjusted to that. Also, it seemed to slice through the water easier end for end, which is very uncommon for a boat that loops so
well. I would say that it is hands down the best freestyle kayak ever. I
believe that the combination of comfort, durability, dryness, ease of use,
and all around high performance on waves equally as holes put this boat in a league of its own. Anybody who caught sight of me on the water could tell
that I was genuinely excited about my new boat. And I won the event, and I
had the opportunity to compete against some of the people that I respect the most, and I got a super cool heavy weight champion of the world belt, and I
made some money, but most of all I had a great time.

Jay Kincaid


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Ben Jay and EJ

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