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By Billy Harris

Well I was sitting in my underwear doing email in Beachburg when the men were called into the eddy for warm up rides. The French brought me some cheese and told me to eat it in the morning and I was snacking on it all stretched out at Jen Kellerman’s place. I casually jumped in the car with the girl and putted our way to the site. My buddy Dave was coming along the road with Paul Danks when the car locked up the brakes and Farmer Dave started flapping inside the Car. My first thought, Ohhh NO.. And I was right. I ran up the road in white sox and my trusty jeans again, dave carrying my boat, the jet boat howling across the river to get me in time to compete. Well my first ride did’nt go that well. Neither did my second, I did learn something though. Next time I’ll show up on time.

The Men were amazing, the water level was dropping slowly and there was less green wave so a lot of moves were being left out of routines, especially helix’s. We had some rope drama in the mens final heat. Tyler Curtis broke the rope we managed to get it re tied but rope being rope it stretched after a couple rides. Nick went for his ride got to the wave and found himself behind the wave, took a couple pulls to get on and flushed off the side, that slowed things down for a bit while. So back up to the tree, picked up more slack in the line and the judges gave him another shot at getting on. I rolled out on the line to see if I could get on with the new length adjustment.

The Afterparty was amazing, the best party I have had in quite a while, the BC boys were in their over alls whoopin it up. Still quite elated with doing backflips off the jet ski. But the air of the party was just amazing.

Well I am off for a week of creeking, even got a mulit day so all quiet on the Harris front.

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Billy Harris