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By Devon Barker

Here is a link to the results from the Squirt Kayaking World Championships yesterday. The competition was intense and the sun was out. I placed 5th, at least 2 places below where I wanted to be but I could not mystery move yesterday. In practice I was sinking or mystering for at least 5 seconds- my biggest trick. Valerie won the event, which was amazing as she took me under her wing when I first started squirt boating and Claire was second. Claire was on the Nile Special with me last year. She is a really great paddler and a blast to be around. Noah from the USA was also 5th but he had the best mysteries of the comp!

We had a get together after the event with a fire and a full moon. Ed and Mariola from Murky Waters brought a new boat up for Greg Nicks who placed 3rd. It was so beautiful and fun to be able to enjoy a little bit of the other side of Worlds, the people from all over the world.

We had team training this morning. I drove off in all of my gear a little after six am to Mini Bus. It is great and here is a little video that shows what the 2007 World Championships looks like (QuickTime, 1.1 MB). The K1 men are up on Wednesday with the Jr. Men & Women and K1 Women on Thursday.

Here is a link to pictures from the Opening night.

Full moon tonight!



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Cartwheeling at Smoothie

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Ed, Mariola, Clay, & John post squirt comp

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Mystery Move

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USA rest between heats

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World Squit Boaters