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By Ben Guska

Just got off the phone and I have been invited to help judge the Eastern Team for the East vs. West Teva Mountain Games amateur rodeo! This is the best way for the 303 (Front Range) and the 970 (western slope) to hold bragging rights for a whole year until 2008! The event takes place on Wednesday May 30th at the Golden Whitewater Park at 5 P.M. This event has been going on for years and I?m proud to say I competed in it when I was 17(on the western team). So far the Western Slope remains undefeated! The Western Slope Team trials will be on Tuesday the 29th of May either in Avon or Vail. I?ll be in the water a few hours leading up to the event so feel free to come down and have a good time and check out the new 2007 All-Star!

See you there

Ben Guska