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I am ready for the real world championships, finally! As ready as I
am going to be, at least. I am feeling good about my paddling, and am
strong, healthy, and having fun. This is a good scenario to enter an event

Here is my final ride from Today of our "Mock World Championships" on Inner
City Strife. I was a little sloppy, where my ride could have been a 240
pointer if I just nailed my Pan Ams (two of them were just air blunts or air
back stabs), my McNasty (too sideways), my clean blunt (I touched).
However, I never missed a pass for 12 passes in 43 seconds. I could get 13
moves in 45 seconds on this wave if I just had one more in my routine and
don’t miss a pass. We’ll not know for a long time, since it is off to
Buseater for the Worlds now. Buseater will be a slower pace so don’t expect
a 200 point ride there. Look for 100 points being a good score.

I won every round with Nick only 2 points behind me in Semi-finals! Nick is
paddling really well!

Check out the video and score it yourself! (QuickTime 5.9 MB)