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We here at Jackson Kayak are super stoked to announce that we are sponsoring a Cadet Rodeo for both the Lyons Outdoor Games (LOG) as well as FIBARK. The Cadet age range is 14 and under and we hope to see each of you parents out there getting your kids fired up to show their stuff!

This is not some, "get a pat on the back" winnings either… The winner of the Cadet rodeo for the Lyons Event goes home with a Shooting Star!!! (MSRP $899) The winner of the FIBARK Cadet Rodeo goes home with a Fun 1!!! Very cool indeed. Second and third place prizes will consist of Jackson Kayak Paddles as well as a kids Happy 2B helmet and other schwag. No Cadet athlete will go home empty handed that has entered to compete. Shirts, Stickers, etc will be handed out to all athletes!

So for any of you parents that have kids screaming for a Jackson… here is your chance at a free one.

The rodeo is going to be very simple and it’s important to know that it will be EXTREMELY SAFE. There will several safety boaters in the water with them and plenty of on shore safety as well… The first rodeo will be at the Lyons Outdoor Games on Saturday June 9th at 12:15. The Cadet Rodeo for FIBARK is scheduled for Sunday June 17th at 9:30 am.

The kids will be able to earn points for just about anything from ultra beginner to advanced types of moves. The official score sheet is not done, but points for everything from front surfing, enders, spins, to even rolling in the feature, or simply being on the feature for the whole time allotted are being scored.

This is a great opportunity for any kid out there giving kayaking a chance to not only have a great time, but to win the coolest gear in the market today…

We have a tight window for the Lyons Outdoor Games as the day is already stacked with events. For that reason we don’t have a ton of time. The rides will be short… (45 seconds at this point). I don’t want this to sound corny… but I highly suggest registering your kid online for Lyons early. If registrations get too many we might have to impose a cap…

I hope you are all as stoked about this as we are and hope to see you all at these very cool events. We are very fortunate to have two family friendly events such as LOG and FIBARK… Let’s get out there with the family to support them!