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In 2004 I had the pleasure of teaching little Cully, then 8 years old how to roll on the Animas River. In 2007, at the Fibark Festival, he won the Cadet Class in the Freestyle Event and won a brand new Jackson Kayak of his choice. I fully expected that he would get a Punk Rocker for himself, since he already has a new 2007 Shooting Star that he won in. Instead, he decided to get his dad a new 2007 All-Star for Father’s Day. Cully won the event on father’s day in Salida. Wow, what a great father’s day gift from an 11 year old kid!

I got this photo and note from his dad…


Thanks for helping Cully out with this request, he enjoys the new Shooting Star I got him in May and he wants to give his prize to me. Wow nice kid! I understand that the All Star boats are behind in production so I’ll call and see what we can work out. Take a look at the attached photo; one new Jackson will complete the line up of Jackson boats for the Brown family. EJ, thank you for you enthusiasm, if you remember it was when you stood in the cold waters of the Animas River when Cully was 8 years old helping him with his roll that got him hooked on paddling. See you in Golden in July.

Thanks again,



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