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Subject: "In search of the Holy Grail" (This IS about boating)


I’m not one to be writing letters, be it to Dear Abby or Dear EJ, but in this case I must take exception. Now I haven’t been boating as long as you but long enough to have seriosly entertained the possibility that the Dancer XT was the last boat I’d ever have to buy. Wow…was I ever wrong! Ever since the invention of the "adjustable" seat in kayaks and in particular the introduction of sub seven foot kayaks, I have been on a quest in search of my own personal Holy Grail, or as some may call it…..the elusive and mythical "MIDDLE SEAT POSITION". You see, I’m one of those unfortunate souls who’s legs reach into the stratosphere. They were great on the basketball court as a kid but a source of continued and great irritation as an adult kayaker. For years I have been wearing ever thinner footwear in my attempts to place my seat in the middle position and achieve the ultimate trim. I never even dreamed of being ahead of center. I silently cursed my short legged brethren with their seats pushed to their forward limits. The best I could ever achieve was one measly bolt hole back from the "center position"….in the original Jackson 4Fun BTW. 🙂

By now you’re probaly wondering where this is all going….what’s the point of all this senseless blithering…what’s he leading up to? Well….I’m writing to inform you that I have finally not only reached my Holy Grail but I have surpassed it! Yes….I’ve attained the mythical "middle position" and beyond. No…I did not buy and inflatable kayak as you might have guessed but one of your very own Jackson 2007 4Funs. To say it’s roomy does not do it justice. In one fell swoop I went up four thicknesses in my footwear. You will no longer find me gingerly stepping across the parking lot at the take in my feable attemt to avoid even the smallest of pebbles because I’m wearing some sorry excuse for a booty. I’m now weraing REAL booties with some serious soles! Frankly I feel like I died and went to paddler’s heaven.

I not only can place my seat in the middle position but can comfortably sit with it one half inch from the full forward position. I thank you sooooo much. Every minor complaint I had with the original 4Fun, you’ve fixed with the new one. It’s an awesome river running playboat…perfect for boaters of all ages and abilities. You really did your homework on this one and you apparently really listened to your customer feedback. I wish you continued success.

Michael Supple
Elmira NY