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I was fortunate last weekend to be invited to demo the Day Tripper line for our dealer in Jackson WY. Rendezvous River Sport has quite a high mountain lake just out of town and it was stunningly beautiful to paddle in as you can see. Fantastic views and really great weather (minus a little wind) made for a fantastic day on the water. Aaron Pruzan puts on a first class demo day with a bbq and drinks and plenty of snacks to keep people fed and back on the water. There were whole families that came down and enjoyed the day. I even got to sneak in a nice long paddle across the lake. This place is awesome!

This lady in the top photo and her husband are the first proud owners of two Day Tripper 12’s in Wyoming. The wife was so confident and comfortable paddling them, that they went straight down to the shop and bought two of them that day. As you can see in the other photo’s there were a bunch of paddlers that came out to try every kayak under the sun. The whole Day Tripper line was on the water the bulk of the day, with the Mini being the star of the show. It’s great to see kids as young as 4, 5, and 6 able to paddle something that is so perfectly fit for them. With great stability and ergonomics that really build their confidence. It really changes their outlook on the sport when their paddle strokes don’t force their elbows to hit the cockpit rim and their feet remain securely fixed.

The photo’s of the fathers and daughters are what really get’s me pumped up. People really having a great time as a family. Some in individual Day Trippers and some sharing a Day Tripper 12. Either way, it’s all smiles and good times had by all. The ability to bring a child or dog, camping gear, cooler or whatever required for a fantastic time paddling is what the Day Tripper is all about.

The day after the event, Aaron had sold all the Day Tripper 12’s, but don’t you worry, he will have more in a matter of days!

Can’t wait to be back there next year.



This nice lady and her husband are the proud owners of the first Day Tripper 12s in Wyoming

Father and Daughter paddling together… awesome

Father Daughter in Day Tripper 12