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By Colin Kemp

Recently my good friend Spencer took a trip to Skookumchuck narrows in beautiful BC. While he was there he came across some very disturbing news. A logging corporation is trying to log a big percentage of the land around Egmont and the Provincial park. If you have been to Skook before you know what this looks like when you look across the bay. Skook is a magical place, one which I was happy to fly across the country for. That is correct, I flew across the country to surf one wave for a week! Go some time and you will understand. I have been back a second time now with plans for another trip this summer. Take a look at what Spencer has to say and the video he made to document what is going on, oh yea it has some great shots of Skook surfing for those of you who have not had the great fortune to visit yet. Make the best of our low water summer, and don’t forget Skook doesn’t need rain or snow melt. It is in the ocean.

Later ; Colin
Team JK