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Hi EJ,

I had the ’05 Superfun, and it did wonders for me and my skills. But, when you compare the new ’07, to the old "Classic"…….alot good stuff has been said already, that doesn’t need to be repeated (but I can’t help myself). There seem to be a vast number of paddlers that are truly happy with their new Funs. I don’t run Class V stuff, don’t plan to , but given the right paddler ,would not question the ability to run the Knar. As for Steep-Creeking, use the right boat, it just makes good sense, even though you can "creek" with the "Fun" series, once you get into some serious gradient, I play it safe with the right gear…….a creekboat.

The New 2007 Funs have delivered what EJ promised. A boat that does spin better, is way more stable, and much more forgiving than the "Older Fun". I have tested my Superfun on the Lehigh, Lower Yo, and the Salmon, so far. I plan to run the Hudson, Deerfield, Beaver, Stoney, Rock Run, and a lot of other streams in the Class III-IV category. I can attest to what this boat has done for me……raised my confidence so much, it has made me even more relaxed, which, in turn, has made me even more aggressive paddler than ever ! Period ! Everyone that paddles with me this year have seen me become three times the paddler I was last year (and I didn’t think I was THAT BAD…..guess I was wrong ! ) When we ran the "Loop" and the whole river the next day (Lower Yo)we ran the toughest lines we could create, never been done in our group before. We tore it up, without being flipped (and I had plenty of chances to). I did stuff I only dreamed of doing, never having the guts to try for fear of swimming. Thanks to EJ and his "Family", I have become a much better boater.

I’ve had my share of other boats…..too many…..way too many. And I never had to deal with the height (5’6")issue as much as my weight (270…..down to 205 now) Granted, alot of boats would work better for me at my new weight, but the Superfun had me smiling all the way home. I think if you got the newer model, you will be pleased with that decision. I was trying to decide if maybe I should have went to the 4Fun instead, because of my weight loss. I chose the Superfun because of my style of paddling, river run/playing as I go. Plus I usually carry extra gear (take-a-part paddle, 1st aid, extra food&water, etc.), so I want to be sitting higher out of the water. We paddle mostly in the NorthEast, sometimes in Canada, so even in big water/volume it’s stable. Good luck in what you decide, and hopefully, you too will excel……