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Jackson Kayak is proud to be getting kids in kayaks through our Camp program that we are running this year. Jackson Kayak Camp Blog

Currently camp programs are just starting up and the basics are being taught. Smaller rivers are being paddled and kids are getting their heads around their new Jackson Kayaks.

Jackson Kayak Camps include:
Bluestar Camps
Camp Arrowhead
Camp Greystone
Camp High Rocks
Camp Highlander
Camp Timberlake
Falling Creek Camp
Gwynn Valley

It’s clear that the camps we talk to all have astounding motivation to get kids on the water while providing a safe and enjoyable program for their kids and what a way to do it. I know only too well how fun it is to instruct people on the water. As Yoda would say ‘a better job in the world, there is not’. You can you imagine yourself now, taking a stroke across a glass water lake, breaking the surface causing the first ripples as you take your first strokes on the water, listening to the sounds of birds, while the sun streams down on you. However the reward moreover is seeing someone totally immerse themselves in kayaking, listening, learning and getting right into your lesson. Gaining skills which could last a lifetime. Sure there are quicker ways to earn a buck, but there really is no other job like it. So as a good camp program I know once said, "Carpe Diem"-Seize the day.

Stay safe folk and see you on the water.
Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma