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Finally, a single place to see what is going on in your kayaking community. See what is going on in other areas. Keep all of your videos, photos, blogs, wikis, etc. in one place for all to see! This is the “myspace” of kayaking, plus!

Don’t be wimpy, really get in and see what is up with the newest website in kayaking! Get your own user name and password QUICK! Jackson Kayak will buy you a membership for a year for American Whitewater! Yes, the first 300 people to sign themselves up and become active participants in the newest virtual whitewater community will also become a vital key to protecting the rivers we kayak in!

The real reason to get on board with Become a citizen of the largest community of paddlers ever assembled and have more fun!

I am very proud of this new way to enjoy paddling when you aren’t on the water! Colin Kemp is the man behind the scenes, who is finding the leaders in every kayaking community and getting them on board to help you have more fun paddling! James McBeathe is the genius behind the technology that is !