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To: EJ
Subject: LP M-Wave Update

This last week I met up with fellow team member Greg Parker to go paddling. First I ran into him at my local wave, South Canyon. South Canyon is a tricky wave because every trick has to be thrown perfectly to land the trick on the wave. While we where at South Canyon Altitude Sports was doing a special on Ben Guska and me. When we told them that Greg paddled for Jackson as well they openly welcomed him to be part of the special. Once the camera crews had left the only people left in the eddy where Greg, Gregs friend and me. The wave came up a little bit making it perfect. It was as big as South Canyon gets and it was green! The session was awesome. After that we went our separate ways.

During the weekend something came up and I had to call Greg for a phone number. One thing led to another and next thing I knew I was driving to Salida to go paddling with Greg. We paddled in Salida that day and that night. If you have never paddled at night before your missing out. Stanley, from Costa Rica, set up these huge fog lights on the hole so we could see. Now it’s not every day that there are are a bunch of people paddling at ten at night so people started gathering to watch.

The next morning Greg and I decided to go to the famous M-wave. Let me paint you a picture of M-wave. M-wave is in this diversion canal in the middle of a desert. It is only four inches deep at the trough. It is eight feet tall and completely green most of the time(when its not its really trashy) and the water is going insanly fast. The new Colorado guide book summed up the M-wave pretty well. They said," just because you can blunt does’t mean you have done it here and your probably no good enough to." M-wave is by far the trickiest spot I have ever surfed. But it is worth it, because when you figure it out it gives up some of the biggest air imagineable. But the most fun thing about ins’t the wave tricks! The most fun thing is the down river tricks. The wave acts like a jump because it is going so fast and its so green. When you hit it, it launches like six feet in the air. Its totally and completely awesome. You can throw any thing from enormous down river Pan Ams to proper back flips (not back loops). If done right it gives up enough air to either land completely flat or over rotate all your tricks. Un fortunately our camera was out of battery but i am going back on Thursday and Friday and will get video then and post it for you guys to watch.

Michael (LP) Palmer