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Hey Tom,
I just wanted to weigh in breifly on the Rocker. It is
currently the only expedition class V creek boat on
the market. Every aspect of the boat from the
outfitting, to the boat armor, to the overall design
was fashioned with with safe passage river running in

Examples of this include, but are not limited to,

1. The unishock bulkhead system. This is the safest
and most easily adjustable bulkhead system ever
produced. It’s attributes include 7 – 12 inches of
"travel" that virtually eliminates the risk of injury
due to piton. Also this year’s new and improved
Rockers feature a unishock with a hinge for easy
access to the otherwise inaccessible bow space.

2. The combination boat armor outfitting and cross
link plastic make the Rocker the sturdiest boat bar
none. From this crack proof plastic to the molded
linear tension rod, a quick walk along the hull of
this bad boy should extinguish all doubt. From here I
need only mension EJ’s highly reguarded seat,
backband, knee pads, and sweet cheeks compliment that
make paddling all day long an extremely comfortable

3. The final and most important attribute of the
Rockers are there hull design. Since there are no
holes in the boat other than the cockpit opening and
the drain plug it is certainly the driest boat. Whats
more, the perfect combination of speed and rocker has
been acheived to produce a boat that has amazing speed
while maintaining "boofability." And the lack of hard
lines eliminate those squirly moments in shallow fast
water and deep sucky eddy lines alike.

I hope I have coveyed my confidence in the Rockers and
I would love to hear how you like the boat.


Ben Stookesberry

Clear H2o Films