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July 23, 2007

My wife, Fraida, and I wanted kayaks with a high level of stability for paddling around Jenny Lake, Two Ocean Lake, Slide Lake, Oxbow Bend and other recreational locations in the Jackson Hole area. The background was that without doing enough homework we had purchased two kayaks that were performance oriented, and Fraida did an involuntary rollover into the cold water of Jenny Lake in June. Fortunately I was nearby, and Fraida grabbed and held on to the bungee cords on the back of my kayak while I paddled her to shore. I then went back and retrieved the overturned kayak and paddle. At that point we decided that we needed kayaks with greater stability. We visited Rendezvous River Sports in Jackson Hole and were introduced to the Jackson Rec kayaks. Coincidentally a show was scheduled to take place the next day at Slide Lake at which potential customers could test drive kayaks from many manufacturers. I took test drives of kayaks from Jackson Rec and other manufacturers decided that the Jackson Rec was the best for us because they provided great stability with little if any discernible loss of performance. Marty Cronin, the Jackson Rec rep on the spot, was very helpful. We bought two Daytripper 12s soon thereafter at Rendezvous River Sports. Below is a photo that I took (from my Daytripper 12) of Fraida tooling around Jenny Lake in her Daytripper 12 without a care in the world!! Thanks to Jackson Rec for building kayaks that work well for Fraida and me.

Bob Aland, Winnetka, IL