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I met LP on the Ottawa River last year in the "Keener Program" at Ottawa Kayak School. He was a favorite among the coaches, always trying new things and being helpful. This year I really got to know him since Kristine invited him to travel with us in the RV for 10 days. He was super helpful and has a great attitude and is quite comfortable in his own skin, a great combination for a team member. I expect big things from him over the next few years with his skills and abilities to help others. Here is what 16 year old LP has to say about LP…


My name is Michael palmer and i am 16 years old. i am from Colorado. I got into kayaking four years ago. my mom and dad took a class at Glenwood Canyon Kayak and asked me if i would like to try it. Of course, i said i yes. From the start i was obsessed with kayaking. when we where learning to wet exit we where required to practice it twice. i did it twelve times. this drive for perfection continued throughout my kayaking career and is still there today. With the help of some of the great instructors at Glenwood Canyon Kayak i began to progress and didn’t stop and hope i never will.

Jackson kayak is a awesome company full of awesome people. aside from their great boats, everyone involved with Jackson kayak is super cool. I haven’t met any one that paddles a Jackson boat that i didn’t like. Everyone that i have met on the team has been great. they have been nice and helpful with everything i asked.

There are so many things i love about kayaking but the thing i love the most about it is the people who kayak. In so many other sports there are people who think they are the shiz at the sport. in those sports the people who think that are generally not having fun because the think of themselves so far above everyone else. This is not the case with kayaking. There is always something new and harder to try so the sport doesn’t get boring. You can go up to any person and ask for help with out worrying about them being self centered and thinking you suck. people have been at your level at some point or another and everyone knows that if they help you they are helping the sports progression as a whole. There is a common drive to keep progressing in all kayakers, so every paddler has something in common. That is what keeps kayaking fun, the progressing from skill level to skill level and the drive to do that.

I beat my good friend Leif Anderson at the Teva Mountain Games in the pro class 2007
1st red bull icebreaker rodeo mens expert 2007
1st Golden rodeo Jr mens expert 2007
3rd Golden rodeo mens expert 2007
2nd Fibark prelims Jr mens expert 2007
3rd Lyons whitewater festival mens expert 2007
1st Yampa River festival Jr mens expert 2006
5th US national championships Jr mens expert 2006
8th US team trials Jr mens expert 2006
1st in all Keener rodeos except 2 2006
2nd golden rodeo Jr mens expert 2006
trying to help the sport progress always

Favorite waves: Skookmchuck narrows, M-wave, Garberator, Lachine (Big Joe)

Favorite Holes: Salida upper hole, Farmer Blacks hole, golf course hole, pueblo whitewater park #7

Favorite river run: The chute above the M-wave its very narrow and going 32 mph.

Favorite Creek: Oh Be Joyful

Motto: In the end the little things don’t matter but they make up the big things, which do matter, so cherish all the little things.

Do everything with a purpose because every action has a reaction. If you do everything with a purpose you can control the reaction, good or bad.

If i had had to sum up kayaking in one phrase i would have to say the folks at mossy oak put it well "its not a passion its an obsession"

See you on the water