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By Darin McQuoid

What many people don’t realize is that even a dry spring in California is better than just about anywhere else. We still had a great season out here and got on some of the classics. Special thanks go out to Chris Korbulic for taking the time to film on Fantasy Falls, South Silver and Love’s Falls and providing the footage. Scott Yoder did all the great editing for the video (QuickTime 9.2 MB).

We also had an incredible trip down Devil’s Postpile of the San Joaquin, which certainly lived up to it’s reputation and was the most demanding run any of us had ever seen. Some shots from the run will also be in YGP’s next film which comes out this spring. Thanks to Scott Ligare for providing photographs!

Kayak Session also picked up a story on our first descent of Lost Creek last spring.


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Darin McQuoid day one Devils Postpile

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Deep into it on Devils Postpile

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Mean sieved out pothole at the bottom of the Crucible