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Dear EJ and JK Egineering / Production Team

I do not usually feel compelled to write to kayak manufacturers, but in this case I see no option but to do just that. I am writing to congratulate you on producing the finest playboat I’ve ever used. For so long I’ve struggled with almost getting my loop, not quite getting my flat water cartwheel etc until I discovered the new Jackson All Star and immediately fell in love with the boat’s speed, looseness and balance. Futhermore, for me at 6 ft and 160 pounds, the comfort level and fit of this boat is unsurpassed by any other n the market.

Since demo-ing Jesse Coombs new All Star two weeks ago, I’ve been out at my local play spot many times with my friends new All Star (mine, which I ordered immediately after demo-ing, is on back order). I finally achieved my first intentional loop, controlled 360 flat spins, not to mention I managed my stern squirt to stern stall on the first attempt- I’ve never been able to do that before. Cartwheels are well on their way, too.

If all this wasnt enough, Devon showed at Santa Cruz this year that the boat surfed very well in the ocean and I found the same thing ocean surfing it last weekend. This boat will be my choice for the 2008, Santa Cruz kayak Surf Festival, production plastic category.

Thanks for opening up the world of vertical play to the average boater!


-Kate Howell
Oregon, USA