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By Jay Kincaid

Where do I start? OK, my side is all better and I am excited to be paddling every day again. I just got back to Reno and will be planning a trip into the large North West to see a bunch of our Jackson Kayak dealer. I am very excited about this and will be working on getting it all organized this week.

Next, I would like to take a moment to apologize to all the ladies of the world. Lisa and I got married last weekend with all of our closest friends and family, and it was so much fun.

This is how the week went down, for me at least. I drove up to Eugene just in time for Fathers Day, which meant a lot because I haven’t been with my Dad on fathers day for many years. The next day I went paddling at a local favorite spot of mine that we call the DTS (down town split). It was a lot of fun but kind of scary my first day back, since I haven’t paddled there in years and it is a low head dam that not many people find enjoyable at all. A day or two later some of my best friends in the world showed up in Eugene in the big Jackson Kayak RV and we all went back to the DTS and had a great time trying to do all kinds of funny stuff that you would probably never try by yourself. Being on the water with EJ, Nick, and Emily was the most fun that I have had boating in a long time. We were all like little kids, and I think that days like that will keep us young forever.

Thursday we went boating again, of course. That night my Mom and Step Dad had a great BBQ out at their house in the country. Everyone had a great time and the weekends festivities were officially under way.

Friday we moved up to the lodge on the Mckenzie River were the wedding would be held. We quickly unloaded a bunch of stuff and then all of the boaters that were there at the time headed up to a hole called Red Sides. We must have had 20 people on the water and we all had a good time playing the worlds longest and most confusing game of HORSE. I really enjoyed being there on the water with Taylor and Macy because we had paddled there hundreds of times together growing up. With that said, the feature wasn’t as good as we remembered so who knows when I will be back. That night we had a great rehearsal dinner that my Dad and Step Mom hosted. The food was unbelievable and there was no better place to be then right along side the river.

Saturday was the big day, and there is no better way to start off a big day then to go kayaking first. So, that is exactly what we did. We did a couple hour long play run and took out at the lodge and wedding site. Very cool. I recommend it to everyone.

So now the wedding; The weather turned out to be perfect, we were in a really large grassy lawn right next to the river, and our dinner and party area was just feet away under the a very nicely decorated event sized tent. Lisa and I have been together for around seven years, have lived together for many of those, and were with the most important people in the world to us on our wedding day. This made for a very comfortable and relaxed feel for the two of use while the whole deal was going down. I was not nervous one single bit and I don’t believe that Lisa was either, which I believe to be a good sign. Lisa looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and I was breaking hearst up until the last minute. I thought so at least. Really though, there probably wasn’t a person there even looking at me. Anyways, our long time friend and kayaking buddy Dan Gavere married us and we couldn’t have been happier with how it went. Thanks Dan! After the wedding we ate some good food and the party began. I could be wrong, but I think that our wedding party might officially go down as legend. I am proud of that!

So, all in all it was a week that was unbelievable. Lisa and I had an amazing time and we got to share it with the ones that we care about the most.

From Eugene we went to the Coast and spent the week right on the Oregon Beach. We had a great time but agreed that we would have rather of shared it with our friends.

Now I am back in Reno, married, happy, ready to go kayaking, and loving my wife.