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Here are some pics from the Laramie Plains Lakes just west of town. It was
pretty hot up here yesterday so a couple of friends and I took the afternoon
off and went to try out the Day Tripper 12. The pictures are of Joe Ries
and his dog Amock. I’m impressed by the way the boats paddle. The name
is very fitting and they are so stable. They have been going out as demos
on a daily basis. A girl took it out over the weekend and liked it so much
she wants to order one. We’re just waiting for the factory to reopen next
week so we can get her a boat. Anyway, have a great 4th, talk to you soon.

Leo Pueblitz Big Hoss Mountain Sports LLC
202 S. 2nd St. Laramie, WY 82070
(307) 742-9125