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James Mattox of Dynamic Earth in Missouri sends in these photo’s and his
first impressions of the Day Tripper line in action.


"James here from Dynamic Earth. My wife and I spent the day of the Forth of
July out paddling the Day Trippers. I took the 12 and she took the 10. We
had a blast. Not the sportiest boat out there, a little slow I thought at
first, but where it lacks in speed it makes up for it in stability. My dog
liked to sit on the cockpit of the boat. Check out the pictures. He is a
funny character. Several times he ended up outside the boat. He tended to
drift out and then splash. I have never been in a boat that would allow
someone to crawl back into it and it not tip over.
Truly incredible. Does what you guys say it will do. Thank you for making a
great product."

James Mattox.