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By Clay Wright

I’ll be hosting a free ( yup, 0$ ) style clinic starting at Rock Creek and heading out to play it from the top – basicly just showcasing some of the many play opportunities and providing tips along the way. I would like to showcase wave-wheels, rock spin / splats, how to loop like Stephen Wright, and of course squirts and big-boat mystery moves.

You should have a solid roll, class 4 skills, a quality helmet, and a playboat (sign up asap for the Rock Creek Demos) – oh – and willingness to be upside down much of the day 🙂

Local Hot-shots all welcome to showcase your favorite skills and river-knowledge but ONLY IF you are willing to help others in the group along the way.

Look forwards to seeing you there!

Clay Wright

photos courtesy of Burress (Cheaoh), SWright (Gauley), EJackson (Wilderness Tours)