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Hey sr. Eric
i just wanted to drop a line to ya…..

so I was ready to bring a new jackson kids paddle to the RI surf Kayak session in November to show it off and get some feedback about it….well that day it was not at the house….i got home from the sesion and there it was leaning against the door…i took too long to order it..urgh……..

but since then in the last 6 months a bunch of people have tried it and LOVE IT…..

i might have to see about getting a second one at some point since people are beating on it and loving it…it was used quite well in rolling sessions this winter with the local shop i work at too….takes a beating…..i will admit that i got more than a few looks when i tell people it is actually a kid-sized paddle……

also i am now working with a local photographer (Michael Eudenbach)doing advertising pictures….just general stuff not brand specific…..but he is going for water activities….and likes the not-so-normal sports-so he found me surf kayaking last year….thought i would pass a pic or two on to you that you could add to the gallery if you wished of a jackson paddle in salt water….doing just great….

love the paddle….very very much..
i have brought it up a few times on bt’s surfzone but most of those guys are using werners or mike johnson’s paddles (the same sizes i might add though)…this is def a paddle that people need to try in person to get to understand why it is sooo good in the surf…..

if i end up doing any rivers this year i will probably use this same paddle i am so comfortable with it…..(my seven2 airidium is now quivering in the corner hearing this)…….

these were the first of a bunch of pix…i will send on more as i get them if you wish……

rob banks

now if only i could do a trick or two………………


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Click to view larger image