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WOW is about all that can be said with regards to beautiful Lake Tahoe. What a gem of a paddle that place is. The water is crystal clear, the mornings are unbelievably calm, and the scenery… well, it’s Lake Tahoe, what else can be said. My wife Sonia and I left for a week long trip to California with plenty of things to do. The main mission of the trip was my nephews wedding in Fairfield and then we spent the rest of the week paddling at the Lake. My best friend Dan Lyons, his lovely wife Bonnie, and their awesome boy Cooper were fabulous hosts. Their house is in Incline Village and just a couple blocks from the water. What a wonderful place that is. EVERYONE was out doing something at what seemed like every minute of the day. But what fascinated Sonia and I was how many kayaks were either on the lake or on peoples cars. Very cool!!!!

So my favorite paddle was up the eastern shore where we launched from Sand Harbor. This place is magical. The water clarity has to be 30 or 40 feet. As we paddled along the shore we could see house sized boulders and the occasional large trout. We even caught what might be the first trout from a Day Tripper. It was really good for dinner that night.

There is just something very special about paddling with your dog… As you can see, me and my wife each had one of our blue healers (Sage and Baloo) in our boats. They absolutely love it. At first I thought they would be a bit jumpy, but they have taken to kayaking more than I think I have. The ability to get to remote coves and just enjoy the wilderness is something that can only be done this easily from a kayak.

The Day Tripper’s seem to have hit the nail on the head as we are quickly figuring out we need to bump up production to meet demand. I know you are going to love yours!

For all of you in the Tahoe area… I would like to welcome our newest dealer… Tahoe City Kayak. They are a full service kayak shop and really do a great job. Check them out under our dealer list from the main page.

Marty Cronin
Jackson Rec Brand Mgr


Dan Lyons catching the 1st trout I know of from a Day Tripper!

Baloo and Sage investigating the wonderful East Shore of Tahoe

Sage loving Tahoe and showing a huge smile

Bonnie and Coop enjoying a little fishing on the East Shore

Gotta love being able to paddle with your whole family…