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By Jake Measom

Subject: The Mega Rocker Kills it!

Hey EJ, I’m super stoked right now, we just got home from a weekend road
trip to idaho for a little bit of creekin and waterfall action. This was my
first chance to really give my new mega rocker a test all season (very few
creeks ran in utah this year). I needless to say I was quite impressed with
the mega rocker in every situation.

We hit the run above upper mesa falls on the henry’s fork of the snake. a
fun little stretch of easy whitewater with three good, fun class V drops.
The mega performed amazingly, it boofs with ease. It was very stable and
tracked really well in pushy water. The second drop on this run was my
favorite. A few moves around holes on the run in, to a big roll over drop
that was ridiculously fast and went straight into a big, munchy lateral
hole. The mega was super stable and controlled letting me stay on my line
easily and punched through the bottom lateral solidly. The run finishes
about 20 feet above the lip of upper mesa falls, its really cool to paddle
that close to the lip of a falls of that size.

We then hiked our boats down below the falls, hopping a few fences on the
way, to get right to the base of the falls. We then ran the 13 foot falls
right below upper mesa. this drop requires a solid boof to avoid a piton and
get out from the recirculation. the mega’s boofing ability is awesome. The
drop was really smooth and a lot of fun. We proceeded to paddle down to
lower mesa falls. A super fun and really popular drop, this was the big gem
of the run. The water was pushing enough that you had to run on the left
side near the wall, even though the drop on the left is a bit rocky a the
lip. We all nailed the drop and then proceeded with the long hike out just
as it was getting dark after a full day of boating. Lower Mesa is a really
fun trip and something definately worth checking out if you’re in the area.
The mega rocker is a sweet boat and i’m psyched to be using it. Good times
and safe paddling.

-Jake Measom, Team JK


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