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By Jesse Coombs

Hello all,

I thought a day I had recently was pretty indicative of how I spend my time and would be interesting to share. Many of my favorite things to do were included this was in many ways a perfect day for me:

Mountain Biking: I got up early and went for a three hour bike ride with my good friend Karl who works for Trek Bicycles. He is crazy fast, so no matter how in shape I get, I still have to work to keep up with him.

Real Estate: After getting some food I drove to one of my rental houses that became vacant recently. My maintenance guy Tim and I decided to turn the carport into a third bedroom. We also switched out the old single pane aluminum windows with double pane vinyl windows. We will be painting the entire house inside and out, updating the electrical and plumbing and putting in new carpet, light fixtures, kitchen counter tops and bathroom vinyl. I bought this property for $45,000 in February of 2002 and refinanced it a couple years later for $80,000. In the meantime I have rented this property with a profit of $150 per month over the mortgage and expenses. With these latest improvements it will be worth a minimum of $115,000. Here are a few pictures of what used to be the carport. We also moved the front door out of the carport and onto the front wall.

Kayaking: After a couple hours working with Tim on the house I drove to the North Santiam and played at Spencer’s for a couple hours. I have attached a photo of me doing a loop at Spencer’s. Of course kayaking was the highlight of the day. 🙂

Rock Climbing: On my way back from the river I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the Oregon State University Rec Center. I teach kayaking for OSU so they let me use the rec center. I met a good climbing friend, Anna, and we climbed and bouldered in the indoor rock gym for a couple hours.

Guitar: After rock climbing and a little relaxing, I sat down with my roommate from the Phillipines, Gali. We broke out the guitars and jammed for quite a while. Gali is truly a great guitar player and I really enjoy his free lessons. I have included a picture of the room in my house where we sit in front of the fireplace and play music.

All there was left to do after this was fall asleep with a smile and wonder what the next day would bring. I leave for Newfoundland on Saturday to join a great crew: EJ, Dane, Nick, Joel, Ben, Darin, Chris and maybe more. This week I look forward to keeping up on the details and getting ready for a great trip.

It is amazing to me how we can build the life of our dreams if we are deliberate about our intent and actions. I certainly encourage everyone out there to build the life of your dreams.




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