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Subject: All Star Supremacy!

EJ! Congratulations on building the best playboat ever made. This is Stephen from Flagstaff. After learning a lot in my Star I picked up the new All Star at CKS this July. I had time for only about 2 weeks in the playholes around Salida but my skills accelerated in the All Star. In the first 10 days I was spinning in both directions, rolling in the holes, blasting the waves at both the upper and lower Salida holes and had the confidence to jump in the upper Buena Vista hole. In the same trip I started some cartwheels, at least the first half and have started to learn front loops. I even took the All Star down the class 3 Upper Taylor river by Almont and it proved to be an excellent river runner for my 145 pound weight. The boat begged one more trip to Salida a couple of weeks ago and this time I started linking spins until I was dizzy. I know loops and cartwheels are now in my reach with this great boat, it just floats in the holes awaiting the next move to be thrown down. You and company are awesome, thanks!