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October 29, 2007

Well I took my daughter, Lilli, kayaking for her first trip in the Day Trippers. She was amazed with it’s stability and straight tracking along with it’s ease of paddling. We started our day on the river after noon and the first thing we noticed was the array of colors from the changing leaves. The green and yellow Day Trippers had a beautiful backdrop of color as we paddled the narrow stream. The sun beamed down and intensified the fall colors and then it happened. Out of nowhere clouds of almost microscopic insects, probably black flies, hatched out and floated in the breeze like bubbles; drifting with the breezes every whim. As a fly flsherman, this is very exciting to see…

Out of curiosity I decided to use a canoe paddle in the Day Tripper; just to see if it really paddled as easily as I had remembered. As I expected, it tracked straight and fast. Lunch on the rivers edge was as relaxing as I could have ever wanted and gave me a chance for a couple of cool pictures of the Day Trippers sitting in tandem. The canopy of trees overhead was too pretty not to shoot so it’s in the bundle of pix too. After a lunch of tri-colored grapes ,extra sharp cheddar cheese with some delicious soft bread and mini black forest cake we took off downstream. We paddled about three hours, had a great picnic, got some nice pictures and we owe it all to the Day Trippers. We carried everything we needed and never knew it was in the boat until we needed it. Can’t wait for my next Day Tripper trip.