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When Kristine announced that we were doing housework today, I cringed
and quickly looked for an escape. She simply started going and I was able
to join in without major heartache and quickly forget that it was work and
was more happy with the outcome that I imagined. Just as the novelty was
about to wear off, I saw the Copper Star that she got before the house was
finished and it quickly turned into a potential source of excitement.

The Star was sitting in the closet because there was no way to get up to the
top of the chimney to mount it. We don’t have any ladders long enough. I
had just organized my creeking equipment and have a 200 foot climbing rope,
belay devices, locking, beeners, and cam straps to make harnesses from. I
grabbed them and managed to throw the rope over the top beam in the roof of
the great room and set up a belay.

Some quick instructions for Kristine (she has done this before), and I went
up to scout. I took an eye screw up first but that wasn’t going to work.
I descended and got a hook and nail and a hammer. This time I had success
in pounding a nail in between the rocks and into the mortar with a big
picture hook on it.

The result was a successful hanging of our Copper Star (the symbol of Emily,
and of course, my freestyle kayaks).

Whew, enough of the house work, time to play with Dane, who took these

Meanwhile- look for a podcast on the Niagara Gorge later.


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EJ getting Kristine ready to belay

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EJs rock climbing gym in action

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Fruit of my rock climbing, a Copper Star

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EJ Hammering in a hook for the star

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Getting hook and hammer ready