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October 13, 2007

We got in 6 full days of paddling in 10 days of exploratory action. This is a good ratio, according to Ben, when you are both weather and water dependent and going for creeks, instead of big rivers with lots of water. I am sad that we are leaving and feel like I am just getting warmed up, but am very excited to get home to Kristine, Emily, and Jackson Kayak again.

We spent today working on logistics for the group remaining. This would be Ben, Jesse, Nick, Darin, and Chris. I am returning the 7 passenger Ford Explorer, and the U-Haul trailer, and they are renting a mini-van. They are hoping that the light rains from today and the next three days will bring enough water to bring up the area around Deer Creek. If not, they’ll head to the mainland in Labrador.

John Shepherd and Dave Olson will be in town staying at my house when I return and we’ll be working with Kristine and the whole factory staff to continue moving forward on 2008 planning for boat making, etc.

I am very happy with the photos and video that we have already gotten from the trip and hope you will enjoy them as they come out in the next 6 months. Look for the 2008 Hotel Charlie: Lost World done by Ben and Jesse of Clear H2O Films. Also look for the debut video "Here and Now" by Nick and Joel. It will be a great year for incredible videos worth owning.

Darin Mcquoid was the photographer on the trip and has awesome shots of all types. I am excited to see what he has when he gets home. You have seen some of them already on the articles.

The trip home tomorrow will consist of a flight from Deer Lake Newfoundland to Toronto, Ontario. From there we’ll go to Chicago, and then to Atlanta. Kristine and Emily will pick us up in Atlanta and drive us home in the morning.

The rest of the month is the Whitewater Symposium, which I’ll be at on Saturday morning. Then it is off to Guest Appreciation Festival at NOC, and then, maybe the Green Race if it still goes off. Then it is back home for November and December. I look forward to that! Please help me do the rain dance, however, and bring rain to the Southeast, because we need it!

I am looking forward to getting home. I want to have the family totally together again.