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By Emily Jackson

Last year I didn’t get to make it to Fibark since I was doing events elsewhere and having missed it for a year made me even more excited to be there this year. The hole was awesome. Perfect for learning new moves and perfecting old ones. I found it to be one of the easiest mcnasty places ever and had a blast pulling them out during competition. The first day of the event went quick and I landed my spot in first place in the preliminaries with my good friend Hanna Farrar in second and Team JK Paddler Ruth Gordon in third. The second day was supposed to have semis and finals at 7pm so it would have it go into the night with their big spot lights, unfortunately a huge rain storm came in and postponed the event till Sunday. It was strange having a day in between competition but it was still fun to see the rest of the festivities. The next day we woke up not exactly sure when we were going, all we knew was that it was going to be after all the cadets, juniors and experts. By middle afternoon it was our turn and I was so ready to get into the water since the weather was incredibly hot. (Like sweaty sweaty hot)

During practice I was fooling around right before the event and just randomly decided to try a tricky woo, which I ended up sticking 4 out of 4. I was so mind boggled right before the event, couldn’t decide whether to put it into my ride or just forget it happened. At the very last minute, in fact right when they gave me the thumbs up I decided it was going to be a part of my routine. Sure enough I pulled it out in my one semi finals ride and it kept me in first place. Making the Semi cut was Ruth Gordon, Hanna Farrar, Eleanor Perry and I. I tend to due well under pressure but this time my goal was to make all three final rides good, unfortunately only one of them was really good but it was my first one and it carried me through the finish. I was super happy with my first ride, the beginning was slow with loops and air wheels but at the very end I pulled out a huge air loop, mcnasty and a tricky woo. The total of my winning ride was a 74, my second highest score ever in a competition. This was exciting for me since my goal is to learn how the boys pull off so many high scoring moves in such short amount of time. I am slowly on my way. Having stuck a 74 point ride made me feel like I am making some progress and hopefully it won’t be too long till some girls are keeping the boys on their toes. Still got like another 100 points to add to my scores to do that but then again practice makes perfect!!

Oh and dad and Dane won too…that was super cool!

Happy Fathers day to all the dads, I got my dad a unicycle (now all he needs is a red nose and big shoes!!)

Now I am on my way to Jay Kincaids wedding where I am going to have to learn how to walk in heels properly!! Wish me luck!!