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By Devon Barker

2007 Freestyle Nationals- September 28 & 29

Three ways to sign up:

You can also sign up at Gauley Fest. Go to Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) booth to sign up.

Go ASCI website-

Register online for the Nationals before midnight Pacific Time, September 23 to avoid higher entry fees. Registration online will continue but with higher rates … until Thursday September 27th at 5 pm Pacific Time.

Nationals are open for Pros and Amateurs. It is going to be a fun competition on great features. Hope to see you there!

United States Freestyle Kayak Association Meeting

Positions will be elected at the USFKA meeting at Nationals on Saturday during the break for rafting on the course. We will meet at 1pm. We will ask for nominations and then vote on the positions. If you are not able to attend please contact to be on the ballot. USFKA is important to the growth of freestyle kayaking and we are looking for dedicated paddlers who have time and want to move the sport forward. We will review the positions and role USFKA plays in freestyle kayak before the elections. Bring your enthusiasm and come be a working part of USFKA.

Course Information at ASCI

(McHenry, Maryland) – The US Freestyle Kayak Association and Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) have announced that they are co-producing the National Freestyle Kayaking Championships September 28-29. Located atop Marsh Mountain overlooking Deep Creek Lake, the ASCI course features one-of-a-kind adjustable rapids capable of producing ideal conditions for freestyle kayaking.

"This changes everything about US freestyle competitions," says professional paddler Brian Jennings. "They can adjust the rapids right before your eyes and tweak them to perfection, so we’ll be seeing athletes performing everything they’ve got, for the very first time."

"Kayakers and canoeists from across the country will be vying for the prestigious national title in freestyle kayaking," notes Nancy Beakes, ASCI Events Coordinator. "We will also host a ‘Boatercross,’ the extremely popular event in which paddlers race head-to-head through our steep, twisting class III-IV rapids. Amateurs are encouraged to participate: they will be judged by the same national caliber judges as the professional athletes."

Contact Information
Phone- Risa Shimoda at 301-502-6548