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October 2, 2007

By Dane Jackson

Tomorrow I leave for New Foundland for two weeks. I am very excited to do a creeking expedition for the first time. At the Outdoor Retailer Show In Salt Lake City, Utah, Ben Stookesberry and Jesse Coombs showed me their Schedule for their next Hotel Charlie video. The one trip that interested me more than any other was their trip to New Foundland. They said I could come if my dad would come, but they would feel more comfortable if he came. My dad didn’t think that we would go. They were going to go the middle of October. About three weeks ago I found out that they were not going anymore. They were just going to stay in British Columbia for a little while longer. I was pretty bummed since I really wanted to go on that trip. Nick Troutman and Joel Kowalski decided that they were going anyways at the beginning of October to New Foundland. I talked to my dad to see if we could go. There was only a couple people going at the time, but when my dad finally decided that we were going, I was so excited. Then Nick called Ben Stookesberry, and Jesse Coombs and we got them to come as well. My Dad, Nick Troutman, Joel Kowalski, Ben Stookesberry, Jesse Coombs and me are going on the trip. Billy Harris might go as well. So we have a good group going to New Foundland. From what I have heard of New Foundland, is that it is like California creeking. It is full of big gorges, big drops, and a lot of hiking. What is happening is every day we hike from the road to the river. The Days that we want to do a section of the creeks we hike about 3 miles in, run the creek, then hike back to the car. The days that we do a overnighter we will hike about 14 miles to the top of the creek. Then we will paddle the creek, and hike back to the car. It should be really sweet. Don’t forget to look for updates on the website about the trip. Thanks for reading and see you on the river.

Dane Jackson