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October 16, 2007

By Jay Kincaid

I have been going non stop since the Nationals a couple of weeks ago. I spent 4 days in Reno the week after arriving home from Maryland paddling in the low and now again cold water of the Truckee River. It is always nice to be home but sometimes I miss having more year around water.

I then headed to the Owyhee River in the far South East corner of Oregon to spend five days hunting birds. That was a great trip. The hunting was really slow but it was awesome to spend that time with my Dad, my dogs, and some of my best hunting friends.

After 5 days of hard hunting I drove to Eugene with happy healthy dogs and my own tired legs. Lisa and I spent this last weekend with our family in Eugene which was awesome. We also went to a University of Oregon football game, but because the game was a complete "blow out" with Oregon destroying Washington State, we probably had more fun at the tail gate party.

Last night I got home just in time to hustle down to the gym and wrestle for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for me the outside of my ear popped, filled with fluid, and in short order started to resemble a monkeys butt hole. It was not easy to sleep last night with a severely throbbing ear so I got a little jacked up on a pain killer and slept like a baby. So, I am getting that drained today, and hopefully when all is said and done I am still unbelievably handsome.

I drove Lisa to work this morning to find that Lisa’s car had been stolen, and yes they got her keys. Lisa left her car at work with her keys on her desk and somehow someone gained access to her office snatched her keys and drove away with her car. So, that is what we are dealing with today. I have a lock Smith coming in a little while to change all of our locks. Bummer!!!

I will be paddling soon but it may be a couple of days as I dealing with this ear issue, and a car issue. Stephen Wright is coming to town so I will update you all again soon.

Jay Kincaid