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October 26, 2007

By Emily Jackson

I can’t remember the last time I went 25 days without boating, with only one day on the lake! It has been such a crazy experience for me! It may come off spoiled but I sacrifice having certain things so that way I can boat everyday, I am home schooled, I don’t have a lot of money cause I don’t have a job other then what I get from kayaking and I have an old car! But if that what it takes to boat everyday then it works great for me! The past month I have been trying to do other things that help my boating like working out in the gym! Or graduating High School, which I am about a month away from doing! The gym is helping quite a bit, I went on the lake a week ago and I weigh less but I can throw my star around even better! Mentally it has been really hard! I almost feel that I am depriving my self! Luckily for me my driver and partner Nick is back from Newfoundland so I am looking forward to having him drive me all over on the weekends! This weekend I am going to a Film Festival in WV where they will be showing Nomads and I have to talk a bit about it. That should be fun, but even better its only 3 hours from the Russel Fork, so Sunday morning I am going to have Nick drive me over there so we can jump in our creek boats! It will be a blast and I really just cant wait to get in my boat. I think I may start going in the lake all the time from here on out because it’s the only water around me except on weekends! I might go over and watch the green race after that! I am not so sure I want to have my first gorilla run be at this low where it appears that people are hitting there heads a lot! It will be so much fun to watch though! Well I am going to get more school done! The more I do the closer I am to not having to do it for a long time! Big Yay for me! Then all my energy and brains can go into kayaking!!

Hope everyone else is having better luck with water then me and if you are on it then live it up extra for me!!
Happy Paddling!