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October 17, 2007

By Devon Barker

The last four-day of surf kayak training has been great and challenging at the same time. The surf has been big and getting out from the beach has been a little frustrating but rewarding once you are out. I had a great wave but took a hard wreck. Erik told me I wrecked about as hard as you can. “Great, glad to have that out of the way!”

I have four more days until I compete. That is so close! I took my first rest day from paddling yesterday and filmed at Mundaka, Spain. I got to use my new inflatable kayak rack today. It is called a HandiRack and it worked great to get our boats to Mundaka. Mundaka is about 15 km from Bakio. We might have finals there. Valerie B., Squirt World Champion, from Canada arrives today. She will be here with her new Reaction from Murky Waters.

Kayaking is popular in Spain. Tons of people ask me how to get a Jackson Kayak. It is a good thing I brought JK stickers but I think they wish I could pull a Star out of my back pocket.

On Thursday we have boat check in followed by a welcome event on Friday. The local school is going to be involved in the presentation and there is going to be a parade of the athletes.

Cheers from Basque Land,


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Church on point at Bakio

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Devon Bakio in background

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Erik & our goods

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