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October 30, 2007

By Emily Jacksony

Hey Everyone!
While i was attending the Wild and Scenic Film Festival a Fellow kayaker told me that the dries had been running that day, Nick nearly burst into tears at the news knowing that we must have missed it but we decided to think positive and went to one of my favorite restaurants Pies and Pints for dinner. My favorite watress was there Katie Johnson and she informed us that the dries would still be fun the next day! So we headed out ate breakfast at the Cathedral, went to our local dealer Ace, got play boats(we only had creekers) and went to the put in! Lucky for us the water was surprisingly even higher then the day before! Ace didnt have many demos at the moment so i got to try an all star for the first time (i normally paddle a star) and Nick was in the old 2006 super star (it looked so big on him!) I hadnt been in a boat in a long time so my first surf on that wave was pure bliss, i had the greatest time of my life! I had never paddle the all star so it felt big but i could still throw it around, i did some blunts, some good back stabs and a few flip turns! Then we went down stream, (both of us have never run it) and met up with a good buddy of ours and a guy that assembles boats at our facotry, John! Nick stole the all star and played with him for awhile in a rock island type hole with much stronger shoulders and had amazing rides! After an hour of filming, and not wanting to use an old super star in a sticky hole, we went down stream to the Big Kahuna Waves, I got there just in time to get one surf, and it was an awesome surf! (I LOVE THAT WAVE!!!!) The water began to rise and in a matter of ten minutes the water came up over a foot! I didnt know whether to be unhappy because the Kahuna waves dissappeared or glad because that means the river run will be more juicy! I decided to be excited and peeled out to run the rest of the river, not used to the extra volume, i got alot of extra unintentional surfs through the first rapid. After that i learnt my lesson and was fine the rest of the run! I was very impressed with the rapid, Mile Long! it was so so so much fun! Big waves holes and you cant really tell whats going on, for i dont know around, A MILE! one of my new favorite runs I cant wait to get back and paddle with the locals some more! Big thanks to them for telling us what was going on!! And a big thanks to Ace for giving us playboats!!!
Cant wait to go back!!!
Happy Paddling!