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October 13, 2007

By Nick Troutman

Well we are here in Newfoundland, about to drop off EJ, Dane, and Joel off at the airport tomorrow. It has been an awesome trip with them so far.

We started off the trip with some low water, and got skunked on the first three rivers we checked out; but we didn’t let it get to us. We just kept looking for the water and big drainages, like the Black Brook. It was low but we made the best of it, and it still had some pretty sweet drops. We also found a sweet park and huck, though it was still a 20-minute hike into it. Dane showed us the good line on that drop, demonstrating a great boof.

After that we picked up Jesse Coombs, who brought the water with him. We went father north on the Island and found the Doctors Brook. It had a ton of water, and was a great run. There were a ton of slides, big and small. Though we did a 2 hours hike though the dense forest to get into it.

After the Doctors Brook, was the Casters Brook. It was this sweet section of white-water that drops around a 100 feet in a quarter mile. There were some great lines and some not so great ones, like were I went off a lip doing an airscrew with a half twist, and Dane having a horrible swim.

But the real treat was the cloud river. It is this awesome river that you need to be flown into, which ends with a great steep gorge, that hadn’t been run before this week. We also did an overnighter while on the river, which was a blast being that we were self-sufficient trip. Though going to sleep in the first snow fall of the year in Newfoundland wasn’t what we were looking for, but it all turned out good, with some help from the massive fire we built. After the awesome steep gorge was a 10 km paddle out into the bay of Rodddickton.

For the past two days we haven’t been in the water, only because know we are back to waiting for the rain, and the fact that we have been driving back towards Deer Lake to drop of EJ, Dane, and Joel. They leave tomorrow morning, and there trip ends, but the rest of the group with go on, looking for the "Goods." We are thinking about either waiting in hopes of Rain around Gross Morn National Park, or we are going to head up to the main land, Labrador.

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Ben on the Doctors Brook

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Darin on the Black Brook

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Nick on the Casters Brook