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There are some really big lakes in North America, called the Great Lakes, as you may know. They are the second largest source of fresh water in the world. In between Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario (did I mention that the lakes are connected?) is a river called the Niagara River. It flows at about 200,000 cfs naturally and about 100,000 cfs is taken from the river for hydro power. Out of Lake Ontario flows the “Saint Lawrence Seaway” which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, and you have some sweet surfing waves and rapid in Montreal.

Today we paddled the Niagara River from below Niagara Falls through the Niagara Gorge, down through Devils Bowl. Joel Kowalski, Nick Troutman, and myself (EJ), put in and ran the rapids with butterflies, and plenty of unknowns, including how the 100,000 cfs narrow gorge would treat us.

It is 8:30 pm and I am too tired to write about it, except to say, WOW. Every ounce of energy expended for this run, was well worth it, and I am a lucky man!