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October 21, 2007

By Jen Kellerman

Hey EJ,

The other weekend a couple of us went and paddled the Schyan River in Quebec
Canada. It flows from the mountains into the Ottawa River, miles upstream
from the Rocher Fendu section. It was a super-fun class III+ continuous
steep non-stop rollercoaster of rock dodging and boofing. There were no
eddies, so once we started, we weren’t stopping until we hit the mighty

It was a lot of fun and my Punk Rocker made it simple!

When we got to the bottom, the only way to get back to the put-in was via
dirt bike, since the trail was full of mud and some of the bridges were
washed out.

I just wanted to let you know that the Punk Rocker and the crosslink plastic
stood the test! I’m attaching a photo of the shuttle in action, and then
the red curly plastic that we found on every rock from my buddy’s kayak
which is made by some other company(which will remain nameless!).

We looked and looked (he especially looked extra hard) and could not find a
single shred of yellow plastic from my Punk Rocker!

I just want to say thanks again for your boats, and everything you do for
the kayaking community to make it easier for people to enjoy their time on
the river! I have never had so much fun kayaking as I do now.

Ottawa River Community Ambassador,

Jen Kellerman


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