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I wanted to send you a quick email about how impressed I was with the new
SuperStar and 4Fun. I’ve been paddling about 6 years and have spent the last 4 in a Dagger Kingpin. I loved the Kingpin because it performed well and was also very forgiving. I’m not a big fan of compromise so I sometimes have a
hard time buying new boats!

I was rather suprised by the 4Fun because it plays as well as some full on
playboats. Out of all the river/play boats I’ve tried the 4Fun is the best
all arounder by far. It truly performs as a playboat and seems to take care
of you in pushier water. You nailed it with the name, its simply a FUN boat.

I was also highly impressed by the New SuperStar. A lot of playboats I’ve
tried have somewhat of a learning curve. With the SuperStar you just get in
and go! Its by far the loosest playboat I’ve ever been in. I was getting my
first clean spins on features I’ve been playing on for years. I also think
this boat is the best compromise between getting air and still being able to throw down in holes and even on flatwater. I was a little worried by the
extra width at first but you quickly get used to it. I even found this boat
very easy to hand roll. I would feel comfortable taking this boat down
anything up to Gauley type water.

I also would like to compliment my local Jackson Rep, Wes Bradley. He was
very helpful in letting me try out the boats and showing me how to set up
the outfitting. I got a chance to stop by a local pool session that Wes has
organized. There were several beginners there trying out new boats and Wes
spent most of his time offering tips and answering questions about the demo
boats. I think he even taught a guy to roll! He is very knowledgeable of the Jackson product and does a great job marketing for you guys! I feel he is
truly an asset to Jackson Kayak!

Jason Bordwine
Abingdon, VA