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By Clay Wright

The hot dry summer soaked up all our rain, so I got out the boat for some wakeboarding.

My knee isn’t ready to jump, so I was happy spinning and sliding and driving EJ, Nick, Em, and Tara around on such a gorgeous day. Nick’s virgin wakeboarding run was smooth, he got a dock-start first ride and was trying back flips by his third. Em had no problems, and EJ worked progressive carving to clear both wakes. Everyone got up to ride smooth conditions and we were the only boat on the water!

Apres wakeboarding we practiced our high dives. EJ & I nailed our ‘gainers’ for the first time. Scary but fun! Waterfall tuck practice (watermellons) and some handstand into dive moves and the beautiful sunny end of summer day was complete.

Photos by Tara and Nick


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EJ backflip

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Nicks first 50 feet

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Tara got her first lesson, finally getting up and ready to learn!