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Moab is a small town with seasonal traffic. Don Oblak owns Canyon Voyages and picked up the Jackson Kayak line this year. While he won’t be a huge seller of kayaks, he is an example of a Jackson Kayak dealer we love. He provides instruction, trips, and is an owner/operator, like me. Fun stuff. Jackson Kayak supports specialty shops and while we are equal in our support for smaller dealers and larger ones, we hope that you, as a customer, know that supporting dealers who provide services for you is how you can keep those services going! Buying a boat that because somebody is willing to sell it online for cheaper is how you put your local dealer out of business. Don has three boats that I have been getting emails from people trying to find- so here they are…

1- 4FUN Red,
1- Star Green,
1- All-Star Red

Here is how you find him…

Living well requires an adventurous spirit.

Don Oblak
Canyon Voyages Adventure Co.
211 N. Main Street
Moab, UT 84532