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October 19, 2007

By Nick Troutman

Well, there was some rain, enough to give us one good days worth of water. So we went out to one the local creeks in Steady Brook.

I was somewhat questionable about the run, assuming that it wouldn’t be that steep. Though after getting on the water I was proven wrong. I was a cold day, but it felt great to be back on the water, and finding some steep water.

There were a couple steeper rapids, and then the first big drop was a manky, junky, slide. We all ran it, with Ben and I staying up-right. Darin and Chris both had some carnage, with some pitons, flips, and pins. Luckily everyone was fine, and there were only a couple scraped up knuckles.

Farther down, we found a pretty sweet 25- 30 footer. It was one of the cleaning drops we have seen on this whole trip. Darin and I ran it, both sticking great lines.

Right around the corner from the 25 footer, was our take out, at a 150 foot falls. Ben and I scouted it out for fun, knowing that there was no good line being it is so big, and because it lands on rocks.

I am know heading back home along with Jesse Coombs, while Ben, Chris and Darin are trying to hold out waiting for rain.

It was a great trip for me. I would have liked to have some more water, but when I look back at it I was able to run some sweet rivers, and a couple really fun drops. It was a blast to get to boat with Joel, Ben, EJ, Dane, Jesse, Darin, and Chris. They are all great boaters, and made a great team.

I wish the guys luck with finding water, and chasing the rain; but I will be going back home, and start editing the video “Here & Now.”


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Ben running the Manky Mank

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Nick on the cleanig drop of the trip