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October 30, 2007

By Emily Jacksony

Hey Everybody!
I just had the pleasure of going to one of the Wild and Scenic Film Festivals in WV which was put on and sponsored by Patagonia! Each film is about enviromental awareness and lucky me, a film I am in, Nomads, was being premiered! I was very happy to go to Oak Hill Highschool to be the special guest of the evening and was very impressed by how well the students put it on! It was the only stop of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival that was run almost entirely by the Highschool Students! It was cool for me to go since i have never been to highschool and to me its a place i have no clue about and dont know whose perspective to listen too! The first thing that was awkward for me was pulling up and seeing devils everywhere, at first it was like okay maybe halloween play or something, then it was like oh wow its there school mascot! I guess it isnt a catholic school! I was very impressed at the Films that Patagonia had selected and hope that the rest of the shows go as well and are just as fun as the one i went to!
Happy Paddling!