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October 2, 2007

By Devon Barker

I am presenting this Friday at Boise State University. I wanted to share the "tips" part of my presentation. For more information the "Women in Whitewater" presentation visit my team page for more information. See you on the water soon!

Women in Whitewater

  • Keep a log of instructions, tips for rolling, freestyle moves & river running concepts.
  • Paddle with a group of women so you can all learn together.
  • Make your outfitting (kayak & helmet) fit like a glove.
  • Video yourself so you can really see what you are doing.
  • Once you have a roll, practice it by going upside down in moving current and in deep rapids.
  • Your roll is your key to confidence.
  • Take private lessons, clinics, and ask other kayakers for help.
  • Read guidebooks before running rivers so you have as much knowledge as possible before going on a section. This will help you to use your own judgment about your ability to run a river or surf at a play spot and to make sure you have a good time.
  • Never buy a kayak without paddling it first.
  • Roll before you begin paddling to boost your confidence.



Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you have. Educate yourself and get out there and paddle! I look forward to seeing you on the water.