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From David,
HI EJ How it doing???
yeahhhhhhhhh sweet yestarday was awesome the ceremony of finesh of competition
I win my 4 time brazilian national champion was awesome

Behind the competidors had Chile guys and argentinians , and i win with my all star yeahhhhhhhh
the results was:

1 David Stefan ( All Star Boat)

2 Cleiton Santana ( twist boat)

3 Pablo Del Chlile ( All Star boat)

4 Ze orelha (prijon boat)

and 20 more kayakers than help the competition be awesome

I am super happy because i seed to much jk boats right there cool! and cuple peaples try on the all star and wanna buy the jk boats.

Yeha Pedro be send me the photos today of the competition and everyone of slalom say Hi for you man Gustavo, Enio, and more….

David Stefan
your buddy!!