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By Devon Barker

The closing ceremonies in the Basque Land were awesome. I was full of emotion. I was in the Basque Country with my family and I made it to the final four. I was upset for swimming or miss judging my take off on my first wave but at the same time so happy that my family was there with me. A year ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer for third time I felt that this wish, being together in Basque Country, was on the edge of vanishing.

I placed 3rd with my dear friend Valerie Bertrand placing 1st. Teresa Rogerson was 2nd with Alisa McDougall in 4th. Valerie and I were so excited on the podium. We are also fired up to do some big wave surfing in our freestyle kayaks. The best part about the ocean is that you get to pick your wave and you can pick the biggest one you want. The only catch is the avalanche at the bottom!

Rusty Sage won the men’s HP event with the Pais Basque Team winning the team event. Edu Etxeberria was also in the men’s final throwing helixes in his Long boat and in his short boat. Txema Carreto and Eric Miller also made finals in Masters. They placed 3rd and 4th . I am attaching a short video of Edu throwing helixes in the ocean. Edu’s great surfing style and explosive moves placed him 3rd and 4th in the Open with Rusty Sage in first.

For full results you can check out the links below.

I am still in the Basque Land but just over the boarder into France. My great, great, great Itiachie’s house is less than a KM from Spain and they graze their sheep in Spain and France under a special agreement between the countries. We are staying in my great, great, Amachie’s house that is now a hotel on the River Nive in Bidarray, France, Pays Basque. We are going kayaking and rafting with Ur Bizia (White Water in Basque) as they guides heard that I paddle for Jackson Kayak and said that we can still go. Awesome! You can see pictures from the river at

I want to send out a special thanks to the Basque Team for the great World Championships and for all of their hard work!
Eskerrik Asko! Milesker! , devon


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Basque Team 1st Place

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Devon Surfing in Finals

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Low Tide Morning

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Morning Waves in Bakio

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Rusty Sage just out of Finals

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Third Place in Surf Worlds

Ocean Tricks Video